Protein and Performance

The following post is written by Ellen Colllinson.  Ellen has been studying, researching, and  practicing equine iridology and herbalism for over 20 years in the UK.  Her clients include leading players in all equine disciplines, including racing, dressage, eventing and show jumping as well as all round pleasure horse owners.  For more information about Ellen or […]

Learning to Trust: Flirt’s Story

For July, I am featuring an eight-year-old APHA mare named Mystery Foolish Flirt, known simply as Flirt, for the Naturally Healthy Horse of the Month.  What makes Flirt special is the complete turnaround she has made in the last five years–and this is all thanks to a young woman named Sherri Hewko.  You see, in […]

The Mustang Roll

The Mustang Roll.  No, it’s not some type of fancy maneuver that only feral horses can do.  It’s what we barefoot trimmers call the rounded finish we add to the bottom of the hoof wall when we trim.  We do this to mimic the natural wear that the wild horse gets as they travel miles […]

The Importance of Regular Trimming

If you’re from California (or anywhere else experience drought lately), then you probably don’t care to hear this. . . but last month was the wettest May on record for my state of Oklahoma.  We had a ton of rain.  And it looks like June is going to be pretty wet, too.  We’re expecting more […]