Bad Hooves: Genetic or Anthropogenic?

I consider myself a student of the horse.  Every day I learn more–whether it be related to nutrition, hooves, or just overall health.   In the last few years, hooves have come to the forefront of my attention, though.   I’ve done quite a bit of research on common hoof problems– how they come about and how they can be corrected–and I’ve worked to […]

Lillie–The Naturally Healthy Horse of the Month

Lillie is the Naturally Healthy Horse of the Month for April.  The aged dun mare came to Serendipity Horse Rescue several years ago in very poor shape.  She was malnourished, depressed, and angry.   At first, Lillie did not adapt well to her new home.  She stood alone and would refuse to interact with people or […]

Natural Remedies for Gastric Ulcers in Horses

Last week, I wrote about preventing gastric ulcers in horses–which is mainly done by making modifications in diet and management practices.  This week, I’d like to expand on the issue a bit more and focus on some natural remedies for this very common condition. First of all, we may not be aware of how many horses suffer […]

EIPH in Horses

A friend recently asked me about ‘bleeding’ in horses.  Bleeding is technically called Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH) and is common in race and performance horses.  The following article, by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Madalyn Ward,  explains the condition and a few treatment options.  A certain amount of pulmonary hemorrhage, which is bleeding in the lungs, can […]

Time–The Naturally Healthy Horse of the Month

It seems that some horses are just dealt a difficult hand in life.  ’Time’, a 21-year-old Morgan gelding owned by Linda Clark, is one such horse.  During his lifetime, Time has been diagnosed with five different serious conditions.  But thanks to Linda’s dedication and careful attention to his diet, Time has recovered from his conditions and is doing well today.  I’m honored […]