Food Therapy for Horses: Part 1

The following post is Part 1 of an Q & A series with holistic veterinarian, Dr. Rhiannon Fenton. This series will focus on food therapy for horses from a holistic veterinary standpoint.  Please check back weekly to read the rest of the posts in this informative series! _______________________________________________________________________ Rhiannon Fenton, DVM of Vital Equine Veterinary Services, is based in Sherman Oaks, California.  Dr. […]

Taming a Wild One: Nikon’s Story

Ok, ok–so I’ve missed a couple of months with  my ‘Naturally Healthy Horse of the Month’, but I’ve found a great horse to feature for October!  I’d like you to meet, Nikon, a two-year-old BLM Mustang who was adopted by sixteen-year-old Courtney Duclos.     Courtney first met Nikon when the yearling gelding was assigned […]

First Aid Homeopathy for Horses

I’ve just recently started putting together my own homeopathic first aid kit, and  I thought this article on first aid homeopathy for horses, by Dr. Madalyn Ward, DVM, might be of interest to some of you.  For more articles by Dr. Ward, please visit her website.   Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on the […]

The ‘Less is More’ Barefoot Trim

There’s one main problem with barefoot or natural trimming as I see it–and that’s the fact that some trimmers try to do too much in one trim.  Sure, they’re well-meaning, but they have this notion of what a perfect, barefoot hoof should look like and they try to force this idea onto the hoof.  And […]

Slow Feeders for Horses + Hay Pillow Giveaway!

The following article is written by equine nutritionist, Dr. Juliet Getty.  To see more articles by Dr. Getty or for help with your horse’s nutritional needs, please visit her website.  Make sure to read all the way to the end to find details on entering a giveaway for a Hay Pillow slow feeder! The Correct […]