Acupressure for Pigeon Fever in Horses

You may remember that my gelding, Bob, has been dealing with Pigeon Fever for the last month or so.  The abscess opened up just over a week ago, and it is still draining. It can be a slow process, I hear.  I’m continuing to perform acupressure sessions on him every few days to boost his immune system and help his body naturally fight the infection.

Here is a video of a short acupressure session so you can see some of the points I use and how Bob reacts to an acupressure session:

You can see Bob is quite relaxed and enjoys his acupressure sessions (much more than me cleaning his abscess every day. . .)  Hope this gives you some insight as to what acupressure is and how it is used.  For more information, you might want to check out my Acupressure Explained post as well.




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