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  1. Pat.styles says:

    My best friend has a 15.2hh 23 year old thoroughbred he has been scouring for the last 3 months we have had the vet and he is on pro and prebiotics but he keeps lifting his tail and nothing comes out which tells me he still has a gut problem. He is now starting to loose condition even. With 2 hard feeds a day and a net every night mixed with hay and haylage. He is fed 16 plus moly chop veteran speedi beet garlic veg oil and 1 bute every night but is still dropping condition. They are out every day from 9 30 till 4pm. Can u advise

    • then5925 says:

      Hi Pat–Does he have constant access to forage? Horses who go even a few hours every day without forage can develop ulcers. And the fact that he’s on bute every day concerns me– overuse of NSAID’s is definitely linked with ulcers. She could maybe try a bute alternative like Devil’s Claw or Turmeric that doesn’t have the negative side effects on the gastric system. (I’m working on a blog post about ulcers for next week actually.) Also wondering how much garlic they’re feeding–too much can cause anemia ( I’m not a vet, but I would certainly ask the vet about the possibility of ulcers and maybe get him scoped.


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