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Acupressure for Equine Allergies

No allergy series on The Naturally Healthy Horse would be complete without the mention of my favorite holistic modality–acupressure.  So here it is! Just to recap, a few weeks ago, I wrote about Nutritional Support for Equine Allergies, and the following week, Essential Oils for Equine Allergies–if you didn’t catch those posts, I recommend reading them as well if […]

Essential Oils for Equine Allergies

Last week, I wrote about nutritional support for equine allergies for the first installment of my three-part equine allergy series.  This series was inspired by my own mare, Lee Lee, who has been experiencing some skin allergies this summer. If your horse suffers from either lung or skin allergies, I would start by taking a look at […]

Nutritional Support for Equine Allergies

Just this summer,  I’ve noticed Lee Lee rubbing her neck and chest on her stall door when she comes up to eat.  Itchy skin and rubbing to relieve it is a telltale sign of an allergy so I’ve been working to address the problem. Allergies are fairly common in horses–just as they are in people.   And since […]

Natural Remedies for Gastric Ulcers in Horses

Last week, I wrote about preventing gastric ulcers in horses–which is mainly done by making modifications in diet and management practices.  This week, I’d like to expand on the issue a bit more and focus on some natural remedies for this very common condition. First of all, we may not be aware of how many horses suffer […]

Red Light Therapy for Horses

While attending Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute in 2009, I discovered a conjunctive modality that many practitioners were using–known as red light therapy.  So when I started my own equine acupressure business, I decided that buying a red light would likely be a good investment.   Even though I no longer do acupressure as a ‘business’, I still employ […]

Home Remedies for Thrush in Horses

Well, I’m back to dealing with thrush again–Bob has it in his one of his front feet.  Fun, fun. Thrush is a nasty little nuisance that can go unrecognized in many instances.  We would probably all notice if our horse’s foot was smelly and rotten-looking, but this isn’t always how thrush presents itself.  Many times, the hoof […]

Acupressure Points for Equine Swelling and Pain

It seems my horses are giving me no shortage of blog post ideas as of lately.  I’ve gone for years with no accidents or illnesses and then all of a sudden–bam!  They all seem to hit at once.  I guess that’s how it usually goes though. . . I have one especially accident-prone horse–Bob.  A […]