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Silver Lining Herbs Pituitary Support: Product Review

As I’ve stated before, my oldest horse, Kady has been suffering from Cushing’s symptoms for the last few years now.  I started her on chaste tree berry last year, but she still had a few concerning symptoms, especially during cold weather.  I was curious to see if another herbal product would help.  After doing some […]

Interview with Colleen Meyer, Registered Saddle Fitter

Occasionally, someone will e-mail me with questions about saddle fit.  Unfortunately, this is something I can’t profess to know a whole lot about.  There are, however, professional saddle fitters out there who can help people in this area.  Colleen Meyer is one of them.   The only internationally recognized organization which certifies people for saddle […]

Mountain Rose Herbs for Horses

When I started The Naturally Healthy Horse several years ago, I swore I wasn’t going to sell any products on the website.  It was strictly a way for me to write about what I enjoy and share information.  And although I still stand by the original purpose of the blog,  I’ve also realized that it takes […]

Stress in Horses

One thing I’ve been working on lately is reducing stress in my life.  Of course this is often easier said than done but I’m a firm believer in this quote:     Speaking from my own experience, I think we often become stressed because of how we react to situations, including our negative thoughts about […]