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Nancy Lamb, who’s had a lifelong passion for horses, is the founder and owner of Green Horse Organics, a small, family-based company that creates all-natural, organic fly spray as well as several other all-natural products for horses and humans.  Nancy’s background includes studying aromatherapy, essential oils, and herbs, and she is currently studying Ayurveda healing.  She has shown horses in western horsemanship, showmanship, halter, pleasure, equitation, trail, western riding–winning state, national, and world titles.  She currently holds a show judge’s card as well.  

How did you become interested in ‘natural’ horse products?

I became interested in natural horse products about 10 years ago when I found a natural fly spray in a popular tack catalog and promptly ordered it. I had grown up with the toxic traditional horse sprays and we did not know how harmful they were for us. Well, I was disappointed to find it did not work at all.  Then I ordered several others with pretty much the same effect–similar to spraying water on your horse. I thought about this a while because I have always had an interest in organic/natural care for myself and family.  I decided hey, why can’t I figure this out myself?

So I studied ingredients, read books, took classes, and started to put together some test fly sprays to try on my horses and on the horses from my friend’s rescue group–Healing Hearts with Horses (by the way, they pair rescue horses with at-risk youths to bring about some amazing transformations!)

I went into this with the idea to have a natural fly spray to use on my horses and the rescue horses.  I believed that not only did the rescue horses deserve natural spray, but I did not want them carrying their special needs riders with toxic/chemical fly sprays on them–these kids did not need anything adding to their medical situations.

Green Horse Organics did not happen overnight. I started my quest in 2001 and worked and tweaked it for 8 years until I had what I felt was the best natural fly spray that actually worked! The natural hoof trimmer that helped with the rescue horses wanted to know what I was using and after showing it to him, he went a little crazy over it!  Horse shoers/ trimmers become highly allergic/skin sensitive from being near horses with traditional toxic fly sprays over the years, so it was helping people too!

So the bigger picture came to me—I was giving our beloved horses as well as ourselves/ family/ children better, natural options (because we breathe and absorb these ingredients being around our horses). Plus, the environment does not suffer from toxic exposure to groundwater, food etc. That’s what I call a trifecta of Green Goodness! And this is how Green Horse Organics was born.


What makes Green Horse Organics products different from most horse products on the market?

Green Horse Organics sets itself apart from traditional toxic sprays because we use only 100% natural and organic ingredients. Plus, we only use the best ingredients that are safe, non-toxic, and chemical-free.

I set myself at the top of the natural fly spray pack because my spray really works– it is a major multi-tasker. It is total horse protection. It protects, heals, calms, and conditions. Providing protection from all types of biting insects, it also heals cuts, scrapes, and is calming because of the essential oils.  So your horse will enjoy being sprayed and relax.  Superb healing oils condition the mane, tail, and hair coat.  All ingredients are listed on my website and on the products! The ingredients list will blow you away– chock-full of the best nature has to offer in a powerful, yet gentle formula. Finally you can have the best of both worlds.


What is your favorite Green Horse product to use on your own horses?

My favorite Green Horse Organics product is the Total Horse Protection Fly Spray.  It is awesome and works for so many different problems–itchy tails, flies, dry coats, healing little cuts, preventing rain rot, and so much more.

My favorite product for myself is the Healing Touch Gel (liniment). I use it for aches/pains, especially for my lower back–love it and it smells divine!  All ingredients are human-grade, top-notch ingredients.


Is there anything else you’d like to add about yourself or your products?

Green Horse Organics is made in the U.S.A., handcrafted by me and my family in small batches to ensure freshness.

I want to hear from my horse people–tell me about your experiences with Green Horse and ask any questions.  I will answer them! The added products in my line came from my customers’ requests, so I listen to you and truly care about your horse’s health. I share some great stories on my website about the wonderful impact Green Horse Organics has had on horses and an adopted dog. They can be found on the testimonials page. Share your natural tips and show off your horse pictures on my website or Facebook page and stay green and healthy!

One last thing–the year I brought Green Horse to the public in 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at a very young age.  I felt even more compelled to bring natural options to horse owners.  I did not give up on my dream or passion for horses. I have made some amazing friends along the way who continue to support me.

Then again this year, I got the ugly surprise that the cancer had returned, so my surgeons talked me into the big surgery, which I am currently recovering from–a double mastectomy and reconstruction. I live a green, healthy lifestyle and yet this still can happen to us ‘granola cowgirls’.  So get those mammograms, keep your courage-strength-faith, and support your friends dealing with cancer.

Horses helped me get through this the first time and as soon as my doctors give me the okay, I will be back to my barn and with my personal therapy team of horses! Cancer does not define me–it inspires me to live life at a full gallop! I like to challenge myself every year to get out of my horsey comfort zone.  So check out my website later this month to see what I will be up to this year!

For more information about Green Horse Organics, check out Nancy’s website or facebook page.

Nancy has donated a jar of her Healing Touch Liniment Gel for a giveaway on my blog–the random winner will be chosen tomorrow, March 30th.  See this post to enter!



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