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I have to admit, one cool thing about having this blog is getting to try out products in order to do reviews. What can I say? I like getting new horse stuff!

A while back, a trimming tool known as the radius rasp caught my attention online, and I knew I wanted to try it out. Well, as it turns out, there are actually two different radius rasps, plus a whole line of other barefoot trimming tools to go with them. They’re all manufactured by the company Evolutionary Hoof Care.

If you haven’t seen the radius rasps, they’re totally different than any other rasps I’ve seen on the market. With rounded edges, they’re specifically designed for creating and maintaining the mustang roll in the barefoot trim.


radius rasp5


Now before I get started with this review, I will also admit that sometimes I can be a sucker for new products that look really cool. Then I’m disappointed when I actually try them out. For example, one time, when my husband and I were newly married, we saw this infomercial for a product called the ‘Perfect Pancake Maker’. We thought it looked awesome and immediately ordered it. But after using it a few times, we soon began to refer to it as the “Perfect Piece of Crap.’

But anyway. . .

Fortunately, the radius rasps did not disappoint like the so-called Perfect Pancake Maker.

Let me tell you about them.

As I said, there are two radius rasps, aptly named the RR 1 and RR 2. The numbers are a little confusing at first because you actually use RR 2 before using the RR 1. But once you use the tools, you figure it out pretty quickly.

After trimming down any excess hoof wall with your nippers, the RR 2 allows you to create the arc of the mustang roll. Like the rougher side of a traditional rasp, it leaves a bit of a rougher finish. Before, I was using my nippers to start this bevel and then finishing it with a traditional rasp. The RR 2 allows you to create the bevel without the nippers.


RR 2

RR 2


The RR 1 is more of a finishing tool. It smooths out any rough spots left by the RR 2 and creates a nice, clean finish to your roll.


radius rasp6

RR 1


Both of these tools could probably be used while working from either the bottom or the top of the hoof, but I used the RR 2 from the bottom and the RR 1 from the top (as you can see in the photos above.)

Here is the finished product:







I imagine you could create a more pronounced mustang roll with the rasps, but this is how I like to do mine.

Just like most rasps, the radius rasps take a little breaking in because those edges are really sharp at first. Linda, the nice lady from the company with whom I’ve been in contact, mentioned you could run them over a two-by-four a few times to break them in as well. But I’ve now trimmed all four of my horses using the rasps and it’s gotten easier each time.

I did find it easier to create the mustang roll with these tools than with the traditional ones, especially going all the way around the hoof wall.

Another thing I really like about these rasps is that they’re easy to handle. I have small hands and sometimes have difficulty with certain trimming tools. This was not the case with the radius rasps. They’re very easy to hold onto and use.

Also, the backs are magnetic–so they stick right to your hoof stand. Pretty cool!


radius rasp2


So would I recommend the radius rasps to others?


And not just trimmers. I think these would also be great tools for horse owners who would like to help maintain the mustang roll between trimmings.

Just FYI, I asked Linda how long I should expect the blades to last and here is what she said:

“The RR-1 blade, doing one horse a week, will probably last you up to a year.  It is best if you wipe grit from the hoof first, and vital that you don’t flatten the teeth by pressing downward too hard. The RR-2 solid blade will last you 2 years or more.  I usually tell customers that they will go through 3 RR-1 blades in the time it takes to use up 1 RR-2 blade.  We have never had a complaint about the blades not lasting long enough.”

If you’d like to learn more about the radius rasps and other products made by Evolutionary Hoof Care, I recommend you check out their website. They also have some very nice instructional videos.


Disclaimer: I do not receive monetary compensation for reviews and all opinions/ statements (except for those in quotes) are my own. I often receive products free of charge in exchange for reviews, but this does not influence my review and does not guarantee I will recommend the product(s) to others.





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  1. Mandy says:

    I use them and love how easy it is to create the roll and maintain after I trim. I did bare down too hard using the RR1 and had to get a new blade. But that was me not the product. Easy yo use for those with smaller hands. Great tools to have.

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