Q & A with Sally Hugg, Developer of California Trace

Sally Hugg is a hoof care professional and the developer of the equine supplement, “California Trace”.  She is a former member of AANHCP as well as a founding member of Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners (PHCP). She is a graduate of Dr. Kellon’s online courses, NRC Plus, Nutrition for the Perfomance Horse, and Nutrition as Therapy.

With over 35 years of experience as a horse owner and rider, Sally takes a special interest in the health and well being of horses.  She teaches a popular one day class about equine nutrition for horse owners and hoof care professionals called “Between the Twines”, based on the NRC publication “Nutrient Requirements of Horses”.  Her hoof care practice in northern California focuses on the balanced diet as a cornerstone to creating healthy hooves.

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What led you to develop California Trace?

California Trace was formulated in 2004. I had been testing my hay for several years, but after searching for a trace mineral supplement that would compliment my hay I found nothing that worked. Most contained high levels of iron and added other ingredients that my horses didn’t need. After much thought and research I finally had a custom supplement formulated that I also shared with my hoof trimming clients. There was an immediate and noticeable improvement in the horses hooves and coats. I was getting more requests for the product, so I finally gave it a name and made it available on my hoof trimming website.

How is California Trace different from other equine mineral supplements on the market?

California Trace and our new product California Trace PLUS are unique because we do not add unnecessary ingredients and fillers that horses don’t need. We do not add iron to any of our products. The formula is targeted to correct the most common trace mineral deficiencies found in forage.

Can you explain what California Trace does for a horse’s hooves?

California Trace and California Trace PLUS improve the strength and integrity of the hoof wall. The incidence of thrush is often dramatically reduced. We see increased growth and the hooves are more resistant to wear and chipping.

Can California Trace be beneficial for any horse no matter where they are located?

Yes. The deficiencies of copper and zinc are a worldwide problem. The only regions where we advise caution is in the naturally high selenium areas of Wyoming and South Dakota.

Would you share a specific success story involving California Trace?

Our customers have shared many success stories with us, but one of our best successes was a rescued Thoroughbred race horse named “Slow And Easy”. He came to us almost 3 years ago in a severly neglected condition. Besides being very thin, he had a terrible case of rain rot, was foundered in both front feet, and had canker in one hind hoof. We immediately started him on California Trace. The canker, a serious infection that can be very difficult to cure, cleared up after one surgery. The rough, rain rot-infested hair transformed into a soft, beautiful coat. His feet grew strong, healthy walls and he is able to be barefoot, despite permanent damge to his coffin bones.

For more information on California Trace or to find out how to order, visit Sally’s website.


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