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Doing Your Own Fecal Egg Counts for Horses

About a year ago, I decided to take Dr. Kellon’s short course on equine de-worming.  I knew about the changing recommendations on deworming and I wanted to be up-to-date and informed when it came to equine parasites.  In this course, one of the things I learned more about was doing fecal egg counts (FECs).  FECs aren’t foolproof, but they […]

Herbal Dewormers for Horses + Giveaway from Effective Pet Wellness

I’m going to be very honest here–until very recently, I’d never used an herbal dewormer before.  I’ve always been a rule follower–and for years, I followed the old vet-prescribed deworming program for horses: a 3-4 month rotational chemical deworming program. But in the last year or so, I’ve learned quite a bit that contradicts this regimen.  Even vets […]