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Hay Alternatives for Horses

Most of us understand the importance of having good quality forage for our horses.  Hay or pasture should be the cornerstone of every horse’s diet, and should be fed at 1.5 – 2% of the horse’s body weight each day (in most cases). Occasionally, a hay substitute is needed though.  Whether you need to make a limited hay supply stretch over a […]

10 Tips for Keeping your Horse Healthy in Fall and Winter

Here in the northern hemisphere, the leaves are changing and autumn is setting in.  Even though the hours of daylight are dwindling, I love this time of year.  It’s a time to rest, reflect, and plan for the coming year. As we move into the colder months though, I’ve learned that there are some important things to remember to ensure […]

Forage-Only Diet for Horses?

  As horse owners, it seems we are constantly being told something different in regards to which feed is best for our horses.  Many feed companies are now making specially formulated feeds to address problems like obesity, insulin resistance, colic, and laminitis.  But do you really need a specialized feed or a concentrate at all?  New research in equine nutrition is […]

Avoiding Winter Colic in Horses

Colic is a condition that many a horse owner dread, and if you’ve had horses for any length of time at all, chances are you’ve dealt with it.  I’ve had my fair share of colic episodes throughout the years and five years ago, I had to make one of the most difficult decisions any horse owner could face:  to have colic surgery […]

Forage: The Most Essential Part of your Horse’s Diet

Up until a few years ago, I had a common solution when my horses’ weight seemed to drop off (which was usually at the onset of winter)–increase the concentrates!  I believed what many horse owners are led to believe:  concentrates provide the majority of the horse’s nutrition.  I thought hay and grass were mostly fillers. It never occured to […]