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Dried Nettle for Horses

It amazes me how much I’ve learned about herbs in the last few years.  And of course, I know I still have much more to learn.  But with each issue one of my horses faces, I usually discover a new herb that quickly becomes my ‘favorite’! One I discovered not too long ago is dried […]

Planting Herbs for Horses

Herbs are one of my favorite things to supplement for many different equine conditions. For example, I’ve fed chaste tree berry for Cushing’s symptoms, slippery elm for gastric ulcers, turmeric for arthritis, a Chinese herb called jiaogulan to increase circulation after a ligament injury (to name a few).  But, last winter, I got a brilliant […]

Mountain Rose Herbs for Horses

When I started The Naturally Healthy Horse several years ago, I swore I wasn’t going to sell any products on the website.  It was strictly a way for me to write about what I enjoy and share information.  And although I still stand by the original purpose of the blog,  I’ve also realized that it takes […]

Adaptogenic Herbs for Horses

When I took Dr. Kellon’s Nutrition as Therapy course several years ago, one of the many things I learned about was adaptogenic herbs–the ‘kingly’ herbs.  I have used them regularly with my horses ever since. Adaptogenic herbs are defined as ‘herbs which result in the stabilization of physiological processes and promotion of homeostasis, for example decreased cellular […]


Q & A with Equine Herbalist, Rachel Kelly

Rachel Kelly is a fully qualified Master Herbalist who graduated from the Irish School of Herbal Medicine in County Laois.  Residing in Castledermot, Ireland, Rachel offers consultations and specifically-designed herbal formulas for horses according to their individual needs.  At present, Rachel is also working as a tutor with the Irish School of Herbal Medicine and […]