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Dried Nettle for Horses

It amazes me how much I’ve learned about herbs in the last few years.  And of course, I know I still have much more to learn.  But with each issue one of my horses faces, I usually discover a new herb that quickly becomes my ‘favorite’! One I discovered not too long ago is dried […]

Q&A with Dr. John Stewart, Author of ‘Understanding Horses’ Feet’

Dr. John Stewart obtained his veterinary degree from Cambridge University, then worked in mixed practice for fifteen years before setting up his own predominantly equine practice. He became interested in laminitis due to experiencing frustration dealing with the condition, which led on to in-depth study of horses’ feet, and setting up an information website. In his […]

Cushing’s Disease in Horses

I recently wrote an article about a study that evaluated PPID-Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (aka Cushing’s Disease) risk factors in horses and learned more about the condition that is becoming much more recognized among older horses these days. Writing that article and then discussing PPID with a friend whose horse is showing several symptoms sparked my […]

Grazing Muzzles

“What is that thing?” is common question I get when friends come over and see one of my horses wearing a grazing muzzle.  While it may look Hannibal Lecter-esque, a grazing muzzle is actually a very helpful device if your horse is overweight or at risk for developing laminitis.  And since laminitis is the second-leading medical killer of horses, […]


Q&A with Jenny Edwards, Author of ‘Equine Laminitis’

Jenny Edwards is the owner and creator of All Natural Horse Care, a site devoted to informing horse owners about holistic horsekeeping.  A former UK resident, Jenny now resides in Kingston Ontario, Canada. She has been involved with horses for most of her life and has studied natural hoof care extensively.  She provides natural trimming services in her […]

Insulin Resistance in Horses

Do you have a horse that you would call an “easy keeper?”  A horse that can seemingly live on air?  If so, there’s a good possiblity he could be suffering from a metabolic condition known as insulin resistance (IR), which is becoming an increasingly recognized problem today.  One of the dangers of insulin resistance in horses is it’s strong association with […]