Ultimate Jogging Shoe (for horses) Review

Sometimes, I like to pretend I’m a runner. I’ve never been overly serious about it, but I like to go for short runs on our trails or back and forth along our (fairly long) driveway. I’ve even run in a few 5K’s.  And even though I don’t run all that much, I have learned how important a good pair of running shoes are. They can make a big difference in your comfort level.

Well, come to find out, there’s a company who actually makes running shoes for horses!  They’re called ‘jogging shoes’ and there are several varieties. A few months ago, Jenny Edwards of All Natural Horse Care, offered to send me a pair of the Ultimate Jogging Shoes by Equine Fusion in return for agreeing to do a review. So here it is.



jogging boots 6


I have several other pairs of hoof boots, but none of them fit McCoy, my newest horse. So I decided I would get Ultimates for her tiny little feet.

When they arrived in the mail, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the materials and the look of the boot. They’re flexible and appear to be quite durable. McCoy was due to be trimmed so I went ahead and trimmed her feet and then tried the boots on. They fit perfectly. One of the things I like best is how they fasten on the hoof with velcro flaps instead of buckles. They are very simple and easy to use.

With other brands of boots I’ve tried over the years, I’ve had trouble with the gaiters tearing off or buckles breaking. The great thing about these boots is that there’s really nothing to break. It’s all one piece.


jogging boots4


The next question was how would boots fare during riding?

Now I’ll be honest, I don’t ride a whole lot these days. But I do occasionally like to ride down the driveway (remember, I mentioned it’s long?) or on our trails. I also ride in the arena or the bigger pasture sometimes, but I don’t really need boots for that. McCoy handles the driveway okay most of the time, but it’s been a wet spring and her hooves have been a little more tender than usual.


jogging boots2


Now as far as I know, McCoy has never worn hoof boots of any kind before, but the Ultimates didn’t seem to bother her in the least. We walked and trotted on the gravel and she had good traction and never stumbled or slipped. We had no problems on the trails either.





The boots did not come with pads (though Equine Fusion does sell pads for them). I used them without pads the first time and then decided to insert some that I already had from EyeOn Equine Care. I think the pads add a little more comfort.

Each time I used the boots, I checked all around her coronary band and hoof afterwards. I noticed no signs of any rubbing.

I suppose the real test would be to leave the jogging shoes on out in the pasture to see how well they hold up out there, but I really don’t want to do that! That’s where I’ve had problems before (with the gaiters breaking) and I like these boots, so I don’t want to risk damaging them or losing one. Plus, I have no reason to keep boots on McCoy in the pasture–she has great feet. Since the jogging shoes are advertised as riding boots, they probably wouldn’t be your best bet for therapeutic purposes anyway. (Edited to add–Equine Fusion recommends their Ultra boot if you plan to leave boots on in the pasture.)

So I guess the big question is, would I recommend these boots to others?

Yes. I really like them. I think the Ultimates would be great for the average trail ride or for riding on roads (even driving horses), or for a horse who’s just a little tender-footed on hard ground. If you’ve had trouble getting other boots on and off, then these might be a good choice for you, too.

The Ultimate Jogging Shoes sell for $236 per pair in the US, and if you’d like more information on the Ultimates or the other boots made by Equine Fusion, please see Jenny’s website.












Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Hello Casie,
    You mentioned that you haven’t used the Boots for therapeutic purposes. We used the Ultra Fusion Boot ( the therapeutic one) in the rehabilitation of an Arabian mare who had Laminitis in all four feet ( foundered in 3 feet) , she also had a small colt on her side. The Ultra Fusion Boots were a lifesaver, we couldn’t have accomplished the full recovery without them. We used them for eight months , she was turned out daily ( all day) , there were times when we added the pads as her soles were in a very sad state. We cleaned the hooves ( added essential oil recipe against infection ) before turning her out with the boots. In the evening we took of the boots, cleaned the feet and again massaged the oils in. After eight months , the boots are still in tact ( mare returned to running ), they never came off in pasture. Important is that the boots are the right size. My mare has 2 different sizes on her fronts, for example …. the Ultra Fusion Boot also comes in Wide or Narrow version. So sizing them is crucial especially if you plan a daily, long term use. Also , it is best to size them on a freshly trimmed foot, taking in account the growth. As with Laminitis, horses need to be trimmed fairly often ( we trimmed Apollonia every 2 weeks ) .
    Now I’m using the Ultra Fusion on a Quarter Gelding with Navicular , severely contracted heels , Ringbone and Arthritis in several other joints. With him , I use the pads more often than with the Laminitic mare. My conclusions – Ultra Fusion Boot is the best therapeutic option on the market a real lifesaver when dealing with certain conditions, especially in extreme sickness like Laminitis/ Founder / Navicular .

    Good Luck

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