Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes for Horses


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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64 Responses

  1. noelle reinke says:

    I would like to try the digest enzyme for my gelding who has digestive issues and has pretty constant diarrhea

  2. Debora Lay says:

    I run an non-profit equine rescue. I am also an equine nutritionist and recognize the importance of digestive health. I have a 30 yr old OTTB who has developed diarrhea that I cannot get under control. I have tried other pro/pre biotics. He is on a balanced diet and the hay is tested. I am hoping maybe this product is different that the commercial products I am currently using and will help him. Thank you.

  3. Lori says:

    Love to win it!!!

  4. mischa says:

    Great article! I would love to try Equine-Zyme for my OTTB. I think it would help keep her immune system up during the transitions of the seasons and grass coming in. She is sensitive to any changes in the environment.

  5. The products from Earth Song Ranch are wonderful. There have turned three of my horses around and they look and feel wonderful.

  6. Danika Caverly says:

    Hi guys!! I’m a barrel racer, I’ve grown up around horses and I LOVE probiotics. I have had a couple geldings in the last year deal with ulcers and probiotics were a vital component in their recovery. Afterwards I started feeding all my horses probiotics and it keep their guts so much quieter when we are travelling, changing hay, turning out. Thanks, good luck everyone!

  7. I love Earth Song Ranch products from their Mare-Zyme, herbal wormer to their Equi-zyme. I would love to win a bag of their Equi-zyme to try on our older gelding at our barn.

  8. cynthia says:

    Great products! Would love to win!

  9. Linda Schaap says:

    I have a mare that is going through a six month period of pigeon fever and will need to regain her digestive health, immune system, and strength. This product will really help her. Please pick Norie, we would both be so thankful and grateful for this gift.

  10. Olga spanhoff says:

    Would love to win this and put my retired horse and current endurace horse on this

  11. Kathy Winters says:

    I do what I can to keep my horses healthy. Good food, hay and supplements, including chia & flax seeds. Proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients is foremost to their health. I would love to try you product.

  12. Chantille Curcio says:

    I LOVE Equine Zyme! I have had my horses on EZ for about 2 yrs now. My chestnut was having symptoms of gastric ulcers and since the introduction of this product (along with slow feeding hay nets), she is a happy healthy horse again! I was just telling my farrier last week how amazed I am with the quality of hoof growth on all of my horses. I would highly recommend this product to any one with horses!

  13. Sarah Micola says:

    I would like to try this, because we are getting ready to start my husbands new mare on an 8 week round of doxy. I know how hard this can be on there stomach.

  14. Jette says:

    I would really like to win this to try on my Icelandic mare, she has digestive challenges and I’ve tried ‘everything’ with no or little effect 🙁
    Now I hope something could help her before the upcoming grazing season ….

  15. Mary Lord says:

    I’d like to try this probiotic on my lovely little mare who is having a rough patch so far this year: multiple colics lead to a workup that revealed gastric ulcers (now under treatment), corneal ulcer, uvieitis in the other eye, a vaccine reaction, and a new diagnosis of lyme disease. Mercy!

  16. Shawn McKay says:

    I would love to win Equine-Zyme. I have two TBs. One 14 , one 30. The older one has had digestive issues ever since having EPM at age 8. It is a constant challenge to keep he system going. I have heard good things of E-Z and would like to try it.

  17. Anastacia Knight says:

    I love natural products and am currently taking on the care of a 17 year old TB who was abandoned and spent many years with little to no care. He is underweight and in poor condition.

  18. Marie Samborn says:

    I have a rescue OTTB who is. VERY hard keeper. She has done much better on pre-pro-biotics and enzyme supplements. I would like to try your product to see if it helps even more.

  19. Susanna Smith says:

    I would love to try the probiotics, because my horse is an easy keeper so he gets fat easily. I have to limit his intake to try to avoid founder, so I use probiotics to help his digestion. I’d love to try these out!

  20. Marie says:

    I would like to try Equine-Zyme for my horse because this is our first season of doing a lot of traveling and possibly competing. Anything I can do to protect her gut from these stresses!

    • Jessica Lynn says:

      Marie – congratulations – am sure your horse will do well on this, and hope you will spread the word as you go about your travels competing this year!

  21. Shelley Becker says:

    I very much want to try this probiotic :)….I have had my horses on Probios for 6 months and am not seeing the changes I would like:(…..I have a laminitic pony and a horse who unfortunately required 2 rounds of probiotics over the winter:( So glad to read this article and hope to win!

  22. Connie says:

    I would like to try this product as my gelding as just been diagnosed with ulcers. We thought we were battling colic…..regularly…..very scary. The vet put him on Aloa vera juice and next I need a probiotic. Thank You for such a great product.

  23. Lana Jerome says:

    For over 2 years I have been using the Herbal Wormer and each fecal test is negative. So I would love to try Equine -zyme with my 12 year old Haflinger and 15 year old Shetland pony and help them even more.



  25. Sara says:

    I have a hard keeping, super sensitive chestnut mare that goes bald in the summer. She has gut issues on and off. I would love to try this for her.

  26. Lydia says:

    I would love to try the probiotics for my 2 horses. One is 25 years old and has started to have issues keeping weight on.

  27. Margaret Controne says:

    My mare recently colicked and hasn’t really gone back to being herself. I’ve been reading alot about the horses digestive system and have been researching a program to keep her digestive system healthy.

  28. Diane Lay says:

    We moved from Oklahoma to New Mexico last fall resulting in a significant change in diet. I have one horse who I struggle to keep worm-free. I finally had to worm him chemically last fall. What is growing in our pasture will be totally different than in Oklahoma. I have fed probiotics in the past but didn’t get the result I hoped for so I am looking for a new product.

  29. Jinx says:

    With tem horses ranging in age from late 20s to 40s, I am always looking for better ways to feed them and maintain their health. Probiotics are great, and I would love to try this type. Thanks for giving us all a chance!

  30. Carol says:

    I lost a horse a year ago December to colic. I feel terrible and felt I could have done more to prevent it. Since then I have had my horses on probiotics/digestive enzymes and add a lot of warm water to their concentrate, as well as adding slow feeders for their hay. Three of my four horses are very senior so I know probiotics are important to their health. Would LOVE to win this product for my horses!

  31. Deby Estel says:

    I would love to try EquineZyme. Most horses are not eating live plant foods that contain viable enzymes needed for optimal health. We do not have much fresh forage here in the high desert and the EquineZyme would be a great add on for any diet. Our recent rescue, Hana, is 20 years old now. She has had a mild case of loose stool since we got here. She is healthy in every other way, but I am feeling as the EquineZyme will be great for her digestive tract.

    • Jessica Lynn says:

      I live in the high desert too Deby so know what you mean about no fresh plants to provide them with the viable enzymes – that is why we added them to the probiotics and the pre-biotic blends! I wish everyone could win so their horse could too!

  32. Jessica says:

    I’d love to try this product for my five horses to improve their health and help with my mare’s allergies! My mini also has metabolic syndrome and would benefit from this product as well.

  33. MaryFrances Carrington says:

    I have a 28 yr old OTTB that has digestive issues and would love to try your product. Thank you

  34. Beth Ann Parise says:

    I just bought a OTTB right off the track. She could def use this!!!!!!!!

  35. Callie says:

    I have three horses that have various needs and issues and I’d LOVE to give this a try to see if it could help them!

  36. Lisa Sutherland says:

    Would love to give this a try on my elder Arab who has had an ulcer a couple years ago and although I have been giving him all kinds of stuff(LOL) he has not quite been the same. Thank you Jessica for everything you do to help improve the lives of all out fur friends:)

    • Jessica Lynn says:

      Lisa this is my passion, thank you for the kind comment — I have an Arabian too, a Tevis horse, and he does so well on the daily dose of Equine Zyme his weight is good, no signs of ulcers, shiny coat & good hooves. I have done this for the past 18 years now and have never had one return on the product for it not working — everyone loves it, usually starts with the small size bag at first then they get the bigger sizes….. again thanks!

  37. Jane Meggitt says:

    I have a 29 year old TB mare who can no longer much hay and is losing weight. There’s only so much senior feed and soaked alfalfa cubes she’ll eat. Hope your supplement could help her.

  38. Stephanie Ferriouolo says:

    I am so excited that I’ve found this chance to a free trial of the Equine-Zyme supplement! I Have had the toughest battle with keeping weight on my thoroughbreds and I am on the hunt for my forever equine probiotic. I personally take a probiotic to keep everything running smoothly and when I started doing my research on equine probiotic it became relevant that it is equally crucial for their digestion process too! I want to make sure my ponies are getting that good live bacteria like they should! I am SO ready to be “wowed” by a horse product. Hope it can be Equine-Zyme!!!

    • Jessica Lynn says:

      Stephanie we work with many OTTB’s and have had huge success in keep the weight on them as well as helping them gain weight – the digestive enzymes are key — I hope you win too, if not EquineZyme is on sale from March 25th to the 31st – 10% off using coupon code CELEBRATE as it is my birthday, my mare Echo’s birthday and Easter all on the same day!

  39. Kathy says:

    How timely! I’ve been thinking about using a probiotic. My new horse came with a possible parasite load, so I’ve been using natural (daily) de-wormer, but I’ve been thinking I need to use a chemical de-wormer this time. I know how toxic chemical de-wormers can be to all the body systems, so I decided to shop for probiotics beforehand. Thanks for the info! (And I hope I win!)

    • Jessica Lynn says:

      Kathy go to my web site, we have a natural herbal wormer, that coupled with the Equine Zyme has proven time and again to be a winner, many horses don’t need a chemical wormer for more than 1x in 3 years including my own! Also be sure if you are going to do a chemical wormer to do it on the full moon it will take care of more of the parasites.

      • Kathy says:

        Thank you for the full moon reminder! I had forgotten about that! Will definitely wait… and check out the herbal dewormer.

  40. Holli says:

    I have a gelding that has had a “hay belly” for a while, I tried DFM-EQ Powder and it made a noticeable difference. An equine dentist came for my 3 horses and the younger ones, 5 and 6, were fine but the 12 year old that has the hay belly problem had problems with his back molars that, after reading your article also makes me wonder if that did add to the problem. It would be great to try your product and see if it works as well or maybe even BETTER!

  41. Heather McNulty says:

    I would like to try this for my horses to help keep them healthy. Thank you for the opportunity to try your product!

  42. I would be very interested in trying this product! In fact, after reading your article I’m thinking I need to also be on probiotics too! 🙂 I have off the track Thoroughbreds that I think would benefit from this, and one that’s in training for the TB Makeover in KY this fall.

  43. Laura Stachel says:

    I would love to try this! My draft cross mare struggles with diarrhea, and I am constantly changing her hay.

  44. Sandra Marshall says:

    My horse, Rio, has had a very tough go of it since October of last year. He had some sort of a reaction or seizure; and I thought I’d lose him. It has taken me months to get him back to where he is eating, again. I’ve tried hundreds of dollars worth of things…not to mention the Vet. bills! So, I’d like to try your product to see if it would bring him completely back to where he used to be. He is 18 years old…

  45. Jessica Lynn says:

    Oh I so wish that all of you could win so your horses could win too — I have been at this a long time and what we do really really works — I am crossing my fingers for all of you!

  46. Jeanette says:

    Great products and my horses, especially the seniors, since ive been so busy wiyh my toddlers, would love the health boost at spring time

  47. Amy says:

    An old horse that needs some digestive help and nothing seems to be working for him, lthough he is healthy looking and happy.

  48. Would be very useful in rehabbing rescue horses.

  49. Nikki says:

    Thank you for your site and articles. Believe the probiotics with digestive enzymes would be a great place to start. Have a horse that has been little “off his game” since injury, then proud flesh. Concerned he has gut micro biome imbalance and maybe immune system is a little off. Would love to try this!

  50. Barbara says:

    am always looking to learn more about keeping our horses fit and healthy – would like try this product

  51. Lisa Chene says:

    I love Earth Song Ranch products!!! My Arab has intermittent loose poo and needs his probiotics!

  52. Candy Cornell says:

    I would love to win this for my oldest mare who is 27. She is ulcer prone, colics once a year, has cushings, IR, and is an EPM survivor.

  53. Beverley Ridpath says:

    Thank You for such an informative article, so many horses will benefit from their owners reading this. If I was chosen I would like to donate the prize to “Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch”, who do an amazing job of standing up for & challenging the rights of abused horses, rescuing, rehabilitating & Rehoming .

  54. Lila Bett says:

    I recently acquired a Mustang gelding that had been thrown out in a field and was underweight with cracking feet and chiropractic issues. I have been working through his problems one by one and would love to try your product as he transitions into his new life with us. I do believe most problems start in the digestive system so this sounds like a sound product to me and would help him a lot.