Green Horse Organics Liniment Giveaway + Acupressure for Muscle Soreness in Horses


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. allison says:

    Thanks for sharing the accupressure points! I would use liniment on my horse if I felt she had muscle soreness. I have not yet had to use liniment on her (knock on wood) but we do not do very strenuous work. It would be nice to have some on hand if I ever need to though!

  2. Summer Gengenbach says:

    I use lineaments after a long haul and before stalling for overnight trips. Trailer rides and standing on an unfamiliar surface can make some puffy ankles.

  3. Tenney says:

    I am thrilled to know of a natural lineament for my horse’s sore muscles. The spring training is causing pains for both of us! Thanks so much bringing this product to my attention!

  4. Lisa Malone says:

    I use liniment on my horses whenever they exhibit any signs of soreness. I also like to use liniments as a brace just to make them feel good. My horse loves having a warm wet cloth (water wrung out) placed on her back over the liniment….leave on for about 20 mintues. It helps to really set the liniment. And of course – acupressure first!

  5. Terri Hall says:

    I like to use liniment on my horse after any unusual activity, I like to try and head off soreness before it starts.

  6. Marie says:

    I’ve been using liniment a lot lately, as my horse is coming back from a pelvis injury which has lead to her overusing her lower back muscles to compensate. Riding lightly has been good for her because her hind end muscles are atrophied, but I always massage and put liniment on tense areas before I ride, and usually stretch and massage her again afterward. Liniment is a necessary tool in my horse-care box!

  7. Laura says:

    I love the idea of a liniment that I can use on my horse and on myself – what fun for us both to smell the same. 🙂 The weather is getting nice, so I am sure that my paint will appreciate it after our first trail rides together.

  8. Eileen Coe says:

    Hi Casie,
    I use liniment on my mare after every exercise session. She is on a long road of recovery – from an injury to her left front fetlock joint. Because of this, she has compensated with her right front. So, I use liniment on both areas of her front legs, every time after we ride, or do ground work. Currently I am using Sore no More – which main ingredient is Arnica. I love the natural products! I will also use liniment on horses that I work on – on an as needed basis. Thank you so much for your informative Blog!!

  9. Emma says:

    A year ago I bought my OWN horse. She was in the process of being broke, and it was my job to finish her. I pushed her in ways she hadn’t used her body before, as she lived 10 years of life just raising babies. I used liniment then on sore muscles and continually to this day when we do tough trail rides, and tough work outs! And even when its tough on ME!!!!

  10. I use liniment when I find a sore spot on my horse. He has a lot of body soreness, from being improperly shod when we got him. His neck and shoulder muscles are huge, his hip muscles are atrophied. So liniment helps to limber up his neck and shoulder muscles.

  11. Sherry Hill says:

    When I competed several years ago in competive trail riding ( distance riding).
    I would slowly work my work up to the mileage level. After work outs I would always try to massage muscles. Even after a compition I would apply linimints and try to help massage sore muscles. When you are on a limited budget you try to do the best you can with what you have. I truely believe natural remidies are always the way to go.Now that my horse is a senior now, I want him to feel good,and not have the sore joints and muscles when were just pleasure riding.

  12. Bev says:

    I love the natural ingredients in this linament. I would be great for sore muscles after working a horse that has not been used much durring the winter. Arnica is a great homeopathic that is great for pain or soreness.

  13. Barbaara Deabenderfer says:

    I only ride for pleasure, and sisce I am disabled, I don’t ride as much as I would like to. I only use liniment when I have to do so. Enjoyed your information on acupuncture. Used to have a Morgan-quarter gelding, and I would stand behind him, pull on his tail (gently!) and straighten his back. He seemed to like it.

  14. Sam says:

    Hey I would love to have the liniment. My rescue horse would really benefit from it. I am all into the natural stuff. I am actually hoping to study nutrition soon.


    • Susan Boyd says:

      I have been looking for a non-toxic fly spray that works for years and am excited about trying your product. I would use the linament on all my horses and myself but have hopes it will help a horse recover from a toxic plant that affects tendons, ligaments, and muscles

  15. My Tbred, Wrangler, has advanced DSLD/ESPA. His rear pastern joint get swollen and inflammed, so I like to us something comforting for both the internal and external tissues. As a hoof care professional, my back and shoulders take a beating. Topical pain relievers are always welcome in my house.

  16. Gracie says:

    I occasionally use liniment on my horse Cajun after strenuous activity, but use homeopathic remedies quite a bit and arnica oil for rubdowns. I did sucessfully utilize the pressure points just last week when my boy had gas colic. They work! Your liniment sounds lovely with so many great ingredients. I look forward to trying it as well as your fly spray.

  17. cindy owens says:

    hi i work for a guy .i train 2 year olds to ride,and farther them into race horses.with into a 60 day.they are doing there first qualify it depennes on the horse .we have a container in our tack room. we call it a wonder drug.i say it helps them to contenion there training.

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