Adaptogenic Herbs for Horses


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. Mike Lovell says:

    Just thought I’d introduce myself and let you know what I do, it may be something you’d be interested in learning about. I’m a nutritional consultant working at Hormone and Nutrition Solutions. I specialize in nutritional balancing utilizing hair mineral analysis to balance diet and supplemental requirements. I have started working with horses and have seen a very positive improvement with horses that the vets said they couldn’t help. Would be glad to send information.

    • then5925 says:

      Hi Mike,

      I currently balance my horses’ diets according to my forage analysis as I’ve heard that this is the most accurate way to know what minerals/ vitamins are deficient in the diet. I would like to see how the hair analysis compares to this though.

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