Avoiding Toxic Ingredients + Giveaway from Green Horse Organics


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. Angella Lloyd says:

    My activity right now is working with my rescue horse and building a lot of trust and walking and exercising with him. 7 yr old gelding that doesn’t trust humans 🙁 Since working with for the last month, the rescue he is at till next month – has seen an incredible change with him. He is wonderful.

  2. Jill says:

    Giving my horse the first bath of the year!

  3. Niki G. says:

    Our favorite springtime activity is watching our 4 beautiful boys grazing in green pastures. 🙂

  4. Meagan Willis says:

    My favorite spring time activity is getting out on the trails to do some conditioning.

  5. Mischa says:

    I would LOVE to try all these products!!! Why? Because I have an OTTB that cannot stand to have “traditional” products used on her! Here’s a great example… She had just moved onto our farm. She got a small cut on her side… I put an ointment on it (that we all would normally have in the barn). She, within minutes, began biting at her side and swishing her tail in frustration. I washed it off gently and allowed it too “cool”. She stopped. Since then, I read every ingredient deck on every product that goes near her! It’s hard to find good products that really work readily available though- which is a shame.

  6. Kathy says:

    Favorite springtime horsey activity… call me weird, but I really love watching the horses graze. Gives me time to really LOOK at them (weight, condition, degree of shedding, general health, injuries, etc) and daydream about what the summer will bring before I’m back to trudging through snow and shoveling frozen poop. =)

  7. Cathy Deron says:

    Thank you for all your information on your newsletters. I just ordered the probiotics you mentioned in the last post. Hoping that helps my ulcer mare. Now am excited about another natural fly spray source!

  8. Regina says:

    My favorite springtime activity is enjoying the absolute beauty of the season with my horse, hanging out with him in the pasture, riding and…..FINALLY getting all of his winter hair brushed out!! Lol

  9. Maggi says:

    Favorite springtime horsey activity is grooming! I know, strange. I love the connection we share during the several hour spring groom sessions!

  10. Marie Samborn says:

    My favorite spring horse time activity is trail riding to enjoy the lush greens of earthly rebirth.

  11. Kathy Winters says:

    I use as many natural & non-toxic for things as I can for both myself & my horses. I’m really happy to see products like your Green Horse Organics on the market!

  12. Jan Grippo says:

    I enjoy brushing my horses and getting off all the old winter coats. They gleam after all the brushing. And the birds use the hair for their nests!

  13. Cate Harris says:

    My favorite spring time activity is checking cattle and riding the trails on horseback.

  14. Judith Spencer says:

    I always look forward to giving my horses their first spring baths.

  15. Ellen Ferguson says:

    Hi – my favorite spring time horse activity is washing the horses, and cleaning my tack while watching them graze. Feeling the breeze and the sunshine overhead is energizing and an annual re-birth for all of us. God and nature provide all we need if we just take the time to look around and appreciate all the gifts we have.

  16. diane says:

    letting him enjoy the fresh green grass after a long winter

  17. Heather Norlund says:

    I love spring because I get to watch my horse transform into his summer coat during shedding. His summer coat is much darker than his winter so it is always fun to watch the change 🙂

  18. Gin says:

    these products are right up my alley! I love to groom my horses in the spring and watch how good it feels to them as the winter hair comes off. They stand so patiently with no halter, enjoying every minute!

  19. Eileen Coe says:

    Hi Casie! My favorite Springtime activity is trail riding! We do get to ride all winter long here in Florida, but Springtime for us brings summer that much closer. In the summer, our riding is more limited due to heat, humidity and thunderstorms. So, now is the time to enjoy it! I would love to try these products as I too want to keep things as natural as possible 🙂

  20. Linda Schaap says:

    Thanks! We need these products for our animals and our planet.

  21. Kerissa says:

    This year is being able to finally ride my horse! He’s green and I’m not pregnant so it’s my favorite time building a riding relationship with him now.

  22. susan says:

    I have been looking for natural products as I live in Florida and the biting bugs are quite a problem for our horses. Want to continue riding as much in the summer. Natural is so much better for all.

  23. Holly says:

    My favorite spring activity is exercising my horse in the pasture. The weather is so nice and everything is so beautiful and green. Unfortunately, the bugs are terrible this time of year. I don’t want to put anything with deet in it on my horse; so, I have been trying to experiment with making my own fly spray. I would love to try these products! They sound awesome!

  24. Definitely grooming off that winter coat and watching the sleek summer look emerge . I would love to try these natural products

  25. Grace Booth says:

    My favorite activity is out in the pasture with the horses- just hanging around with them and seeing what develops. No expectations, no worries , just being there.

  26. Kristen Schmid says:

    Enjoying the great bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush and many other vibrant flowers during trailrides!

  27. Elli says:

    Hosing my horse off and letting her roll in the sand – or, better yet, teaching her to lay down!

  28. Debra Pettis says:

    My favorite Springtime horsey activity is just being able to be outside in the pasture with my horse. Whether I am talking to my horse, touching my horse or just working in the same area.

  29. Kourtnee Nolan says:

    My favorite spring time activity is trail riding!

  30. victoria rocken says:

    The best of all springtime activity with my miniature horse “Tuff Love” is harnessing her up to our cart and going into town to participate in the Dairy Parade. Along with other horses, the people love her and she brings such joy to the children.

  31. Andria Crawley says:

    My favorite spring activity with Pickle (4 year old vision impaired Rocky Mountain gelding) is getting to read in a camp chair while he grazes on clover and dandelions!!!

  32. Amy Barry says:

    My favorite springtime activity is getting outside without a coat on and enjoying the warm weather. I love to groom out my horses’ winter coats too.

  33. Keri Paninos says:

    There are times when riding in the spring that the intoxicating smell of plum blossoms envelope you out of the blue. You can never really predict which warm air current will deliver it but when it does it makes you want to slow down and absorb every nano second of perfection with every sense you have. The rhythmic walk of your four legged partner which informs the movement of your whole body, the smell, the smell oh my goodness that heavenly smell and the sun and air gently touching you as you pass by. Those are my favorite horsey spring time moments!

  34. Louise Murphy says:

    Just hanging out with my horses while the are in the pasture is my favorite spring time activity.

  35. Lisa Chene says:

    The first Spring bath!! Getting all the grime off and adding conditioner to his mane and tail, then a big hug when he’s dry cuz he smells so yummy!!! 🙂

  36. Karen says:

    I love using natural products in my barn. Favorite activity is anything in my arena, one of my horses is tortured by horse flies. This year I will keep testing my fly spray mixes to find one that helps her.

  37. Joan Kirsch says:

    My favorite springtime activity is visiting our retired horses in their pasture and then watching my daughter ride our young mare.

  38. Martina Borg says:

    This year my favorite spring time activity has been to spend time shedding out my 36 year old quarter Horse Finski. He doesn’t roll as much as he used to and so he has had a much harder time shedding out. I don’t know how much time he and I have left together. It’s been a pleasure to watch his ‘That feels so good’ face whenever I get the itchy spots…especially under his belly.

  39. Pamela Williamson says:

    Spending quality time with my big ‘ole girl while I brush out her shedding winter coat to reveal her pretty dappling! All while holding my breath! Lol

  40. Marie Alder says:

    Springtime for me is getting my horse out in the hills and enjoying the sagebrush and desert come to life. After spending time in the arena, he looks forward to it as much as I do!

  41. Susan says:

    being outside with the horses, taking walks

  42. Michelle says:

    In the spring I love working with my horses along side my granddaughter

  43. Miranda says:

    ANYTHING with my horses!!! Trail riding is ultimate goal, but just being with them brings me so much joy! They are the reason I breathe! 🙂

  44. Hannah says:

    My favorite spring time thing to do with my paint mare, Stormy, is conditioning in the field just before the sun starts to go behind the trees. It’s very peaceful trotting fence lines, working on circles, and cantering up hills. It’s always nice pampering her afterwards. Giving baths are nice on a hot day too;)

  45. Michelle says:

    My favorite springtime activity is watching my gelding munch on dandelions, a mouth full of a bright beautiful healthy bouquet 🙂

  46. Jennifer says:

    Getting back into riding more is my favorite springtime horsey activity :)!!

  47. Debbie Tuller says:

    William Wallace and I enjoy roaming the spring desert with “our” trail dog BettyJoon, and watching the cactus bloom.

  48. Jane Meggitt says:

    Trail riding is my favorite springtime activity, but that also holds true for summer, fall and winter.

  49. Beth McCullough says:

    I love to give my horse a bath or 2 or 3 & see his winter hair go and his clean sleek summer coat return!! He is gray and over the winter becomes less and less gray & more like “PigPen” in Charlie Brown!!

    Also, we love getting outside to ride after a long winter inside. Great for both of us mentally & physically.

  50. jackie carroll says:

    Spending one on one time with all my equines giving them thespring grooming and playing ball with them. Also getting ‘help’ when I am spring cleaning the barn

  51. Casie says:

    The winner was #43, Miranda. Thanks for participating, everyone!

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