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Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Almost all horses have some sort of issue, whether it was left at 3 months without a mom or some form of abuse and have experienced attitudes that comes with it.

    However that’s not my case. I got my Mare when she was 1.5 years old, she was being weaned from her mom which the owner kept the mom, she had never seen harm.

    Just in 2018 out of fear she attacked a friends horse, I understood why she did that, as my friend entered her space when she was worrying about cows she had never seen before and was freaking out. From that point on, she thought she could do that whenever she wanted. She attached another friends horse, out of the blue, he did nothing to her. She then attacked the same horse (Mare) she did at first and this time I was mounted on her as both of us was trail ridding, for no reason at all she attacked the same horse again.

    At that point I have had it with her, it was no longer out of fear, but out of spite. When we got home, for 3 days I lunged her and if she give me attitude which was always, I give her a bigger attitude and made her work to the point where she was drenched in her own sweat.

    The fourth day of working with her, I took her out on the trails and it was as if she had completely changed and became this nice gentle sweet Mare once again. She did tried one more time to go at another horse while we were close together and I was mounted on her, but this time she did ever so gently, but I had the crop in my hand and I barely got her just in time, just tapped her on the side of her nose, she never attacked another horse again. That was just her way of seeing if she could getaway with it again.

    She has always pinned her ears at me from the beginning, trying to show me who’s boss and she did for a couple of years while I was not ridding her until she turned 4.5 years old. To top it off, she was my very first horse as I was a beginner. She bonded with me the first sight and that’s why I got her.

    Her attitude became very obvious but I never addressed it until she started to attack, and the third attack was when I was on her, THAT for me was the last straw, she was NOT going to keep this behavior. I refused to put a ribbon on her tail as that would be an embarrassment for me in my eyes. I had to fix the issue, and I sure did. She got over her attitude issues and become this sweet Mare again, I once knew. We ride all the time, took her to the beach, she absolutely loves the water, lol.

    I believe at some point we have to address the attitude issue and not mask the problem as it will always exist. (There has to be a level of respect, discipline, therefore ground working with them). It’s like when we discipline our kids for doing wrong, it is the same exact thing with animals or they will take control of you and later become dangerous hence why allot ends up in the kill pen, like humans who become murders, rapist etc…

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