Cushing’s Disease in Horses


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  1. M. Links says:

    It’s really disappointing that the article fails to high light the unreliability of the ACTH test . Its common knowledge that a horse can be tested twice on the same day, and give 2 totally different readings

    • then5925 says:

      The intent of this article wasn’t to evaluate the different diagnostic procedures for Cushing’s, but rather to give an overview of what Cushing’s is, how it’s usually diagnosed, and some nutritional guidelines. I understand that diagnosing Cushing’s is not always an easy feat. Having a vet that is experienced with Cushing’s diagnosis is important, as there are many variables that can affect results (time of year, stress, etc.). That said, the ACTH test (both stimulation and endogenous) is still one of the most widely-used tests for diagnosing Cushing’s.

  2. My little pony started to get Cushing we saw that see wasn’t her loveing self we where at a jumping competition and normally when see she’s jumps she gets all happy but she wasent as bubbly as she loves jumping I said to Carmel my teacher there is something wrong with monty my pony monty is quite old but that dosent bring her down we got blood test and it came up we caught it just in time she is on tablets but she loves jumping again and I just want to say if u see any signs don’t wait it can be caught and your house or pony can be them selfs again my pony is so loving and is always looking out for little chrildren she will be with me on till the end she is allways running up to you from the bottom of the field just to give me a hug xxxxx

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  3. October 28, 2013

    […] With Cushings horses, feeding 1-2 tsp of Jiaogulan has been said to block some of the negative side affects of the drug, pergolide (which is the standard prescribed drug for Cushings) and increase energy levels in the horse. […]

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