Feeding an Anti-Inflammatory Diet


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. Clissa says:

    I whole heartedly agree there Cassie that we are causing our own demise & inflammatory foods are a major cause.
    However even though we might try very hard to eat right & live a healthy life it is still no guarantee that we will fend off illness.
    Same applies to our animals. I have recently had this issue with my chooks. One has gout from too much protein. Poor dear wants to stop laying but it is hard to not feed her the same as the others get. Their food is as organic & natural as I can manage.
    My horses all got sick some years ago & one foundered. It turned out to be a combo of moving to this particular property with it’s lovely looking yet impoverished grass from previous years of neglect & the fact that I started feeding sunflower seeds because all of a sudden I couldn’t keep weight on my horses.
    They were getting thin & weak here & I did not think it was the grass. I didn’t know what it was but I started feeding them all sorts of things.
    Now I know it was the grass & I have addressed that issue & they are back to looking great & needing hardly any supplementary feed & the paddocks are looking much better too.
    But the effects of ill health linger in all my horses unfortunately.
    My vegetable garden is slowly coming good which is just as well because I have been very ill in recent years & although I can not blame the produce because there has not been enough for me to live on, it must have contributed.
    I developed mad food cravings & lost my taste & needed to eat heaps of fat, sugar & salt.
    It turns out my kidneys were failing due to blocked arteries. I have modified my diet to hopefully address the blockages plus started a mild medication & in doing so I have lost my cravings for all the above mentioned baddies.
    My kidneys are nolonger pumping out a specific hormone telling my body they are dying of thirst so I nolonger have the unresolved cravings. I had so much fluid buildup I lost many kilos within a few weeks once I started the new regime.
    But I do still have mass inflammation because my blood pressure was so high at around 255/210 that my arteries were leaking. I know when my BP is getting up now because I have identified a certain pain that I just took analgesics for previously, that I now know is blood leaking out.
    The inflammation will take a lot longer to resolve.
    My Doctor told me if I wasn’t so healthy with regard to what I ate & the exercise I got & how I lived, I would have been dead or had a stroke, etc long ago.
    So it just shows that you can be organic, eat what you think is healthy food, live an invigorating life away from major toxicity sources but still end up with major illness.
    Hopefully we have caught it in time & I won’t end up with complete renal failure.
    One good thing to come of it is that I now find most sweet things far too sweet, most salty things far too salty, but I still want some fat both animal & vegetable because I still do hard manual work.

    • Casie says:

      Sorry to hear about all of your health issues, Clissa. Personally, I think the toxins have much to do with our over-reactive immune systems. And even if we eliminate as many as we can, it’s probably impossible to stay away from all of them. I hope you continue to improve. Best wishes!

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