Heel Contraction in Horses


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  1. Dusty McCord says:

    Sometimes the bars will grow into the frog pinching it starving the hoof of circulation in the back of the hoof also causing heel pain / improper movement.

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  2. Christine Feddersen says:

    I have a friend that has a TWH who recently developed a abscess and thrush in a hide foot .The horse is kept shod all the time. She asked me about his problem , I told her it might be the shoes on all the time, and his heels looked contracted , and suggested taking them off for a while. Her farrier told her that ‘”that was how TWH heels are”, and refused to take the shoes off. What do you think? I have very little experience with theTWH, but that did not make sense to me.
    Thanks Christine

    • Casie says:

      Hi Christine–I think you are definitely on to something thinking the shoes are part of the culprit. They definitely keep the foot from functioning like it should. That’s not to say that barefoot hooves can’t get thrush because they can. Diet and environment play a part too. The first thing I would do is take the shoes off though!

  3. Saddllp says:

    Yes! Thrush and overgrown bars can debilitate a horse – both are ‘easy’ fixes.

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