Hemp for Horses


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. VIJAY BAGHA says:

    Well , after reading such an interesting article about the great wellness and properties of hemp ,I think it’s a must and worth trying it .Am from Mauritius and being single and a horse lover, I would definitely like to know how we can get it for purchase easily so that I can try it with competition race horses here and I do hope that it would be legally accepted here…
    Thanks for sharing and will be waiting for further news …

  2. Tracy says:

    Trying this for my neuro horse

  3. Cyndi Rach says:

    I have read that it can often cause digestive disturbances so please use caution; not much research has been done yet on hemp, especially it’s use with animals. Also know that in areas like where I live, hemp is being grown on many former hay fields and is causing hay shortages and price of hay has gone up. Also orchards and fields where food for people was previously grown are now growing hemp. So if you can use another product that could get the same results, please do so. There are lots of horses being sold due to the hay prices going up. Many will end up at auction which we all know is not a good situation for them. I don’t believe hemp is the “cure all” it is being promoted as. People growing it are interested in $$$ mostly. It smells so awful too and degrading property values and quality of life where it is being grown. Imagine lots of dead skunks on the road and that is what it smells like all around where it is grown. So please think about the horses who no longer have hay, and food crops for people and people having living near the awful smell of this stuff and if is really worth it to buy it.

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