Horse Clear from Effective Pet Wellness: Product Review


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  1. Tamara says:

    Have you tried the herbal blends from either of these two companies? I have used both because the barn I am at uses these herbs. It’s the only wormer used at a barn with around 40 horses. I’ve been there 4 years now and haven’t used chemicals yet. The barn manager does the fecal check and is very satisfied with the results. We will worm 10 or 14 days around a full moon every other month or so depending on what the fecal counts show. Apparently the worms hatch during a full moon so it is more effective then. The wormer we are currently using is from Equine Natural Care, but we originally used Silver Lining Herbs. The herbs are water soluble and you put it on their feed and mix with water. The horses eat it with no problem. Not a bad price either.

    I have also fed diatomaceous Earth, but I found I had to feed so much of it to a horse and it tastes a bit like fishy dirt. 🙂 My horses did eat it though. I still feed it to my dogs and they don’t seem to mind either.

    I have posted the links below. I’m not affiliated with either, but wanted to share what we do at the barn where my horses are.

    • then5925 says:

      Hi Tamara and thank you for sharing. I have not tried any other natural dewormers yet, but would love to do so. I know a little about DE and have heard about silver lining herbs, but not equine natural care. I will check it out though. 🙂

      • Niki says:

        We currently use the natural de-wormers from Farmstead Health Supply and have had good results with horses, dogs, and cats. We are using Restore, Sustain, and De-worming Compound #2. They all work for us and the animals eat them with no problems. I just won a gift card from Effective Pet Wellness so I plan to try their products soon!

  2. Tamara says:

    I would love to hear of your results if you try either of them. 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    I watched a vid on ivermectrin and how the product works and was horrified to know it could also be killing your horse! and when the spinal damage is done often no way back, please read the real truth about ivermectrim and chemical wormers, you will never want to use them again!
    I have been using herbal wormers now and immediately noticed my horses were happier, more energy and healthier!

  4. Betsy says:

    I used the entire Bartenella kit for my Arab with respiratory issues and the Clearcell and Horse Clear. I also had the herbalist perform kinesiology on my donkey. She found issues with liver, and digestion. She recommended a variety of herbs (6 to be exact), plus a homeopathic remedy, horse clear and Clearcell. Both my Arab and donkey had a full infestation of roundworms before deformed, 1 month later the infestation had become a full blown party. I had no choice but to use Panacur. My Arab even after my $400 payment has full blown heaves and the donkey after another $300 still had same issues. I phoned the company who had no time for me, sent them an email and was told my case would be given to herbalist. After 2 weeks of no reply I again sent an email asking what was taking so long. Herbalist sent me text to call me this past Monday. It is now Wednesday, have not heard a word from anyone. I spent over $700 with this company and have been ignored. I have not been unrealistic about my expectations but expected some common courtesy from the company. They themselves state that they guarantee their products and if something doesn’t work they will do their utmost to assist. I have been totally ignored. The only thing I requested was HELP not miracles.

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