The Horse’s Natural Diet


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. lorrie says:

    This is why I use BIG Sky minerals supplies all your horses needs.

  2. Tonya says:

    I have a question. My horse is boarded at a facility and the pasture is mostly sand. They have access to coastal hay 24/7 and are fed whatever grain we choose twice a day. The owners pre make bins for the week. I am currently wanting to transition my horse from grain to grass pellets. I also give her timothy/alfalfa hay or a mix of timothy, alfalfa and orchard after any exercise. She gets chia as well. My question is if this will be adequate for her. Coastal hay is provided by the facility but the timothy/alfalfa is only when i personally give it to her, therefore she gets a few flakes approximately 5 days a week. The grass pellets i am currently using along with her grain is alfalfa. I have reduced the amount of grain and plan on having her completely off grain within the month. With so little pasture and access to coastal hay 24/7, are the grass pellets enough to make up for the quality of hay she currently has access to?

    • Casie says:

      Hi Tonya, without a hay analysis, it’s impossible to say, but good quality hay is usually adequate for most horses. I would just feed a multi-mineral/vitamin supplement to ensure she’s getting all of her minerals/ vitamins as well. Horses on hay-only diets need supplemental Vitamin E as well, so make sure that’s covered in the supplement (or feed separately).

  3. Lynda Colwell says:

    I find this article a little confusing and worrying. My young mare is in poor overgrazed pasture, but I make sure she has free access Rhodes grass hay at all times. She is also fed lucern chaff, balance pellets, rice bran oil pellets and a variety of minerals and vitamins, twice a day. I hope I am doing the correct thing by her? Thank you for any help you can give me.

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