The Importance of Regular Trimming


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. Vicki L Ciepiela says:

    Hi Casie!! I really enjoyed reading this recent post on trimming. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones 🙂 I have a great farrier and keep my horses on an eight week trimming schedule which works well for them. We have very soft, sandy soil around here and living in Nevada it’s most always dry. I have both my horses on a vitamin/mineral supplement and also a hoof supplement. I also clear the sand out of their gut once a month with a psyllium supplement. So far I have been having pretty good luck. 🙂 Thank you for all your good information. I always enjoy keeping up with your posts. Vicki

    • Casie says:

      Hi Vicki and thank you. 🙂 Yes, you are one of the lucky ones! I think living in an arid environment really helps. It’s beautiful here, but so grassy and often wet. Definitely not ideal for hooves. . .

  2. Megan says:

    Casie your comment about “if your husband is the farrier” has me cracking up! It is so true though, isn’t it? 😉 Glad I’m not the only one with that problem! Mine has tried to teach me how to at least rasp every week, but unfortunately I have back problems that keep me from being physically able to do it. Kudos to you though! And great article!

    • Casie says:

      Thanks, Megan. 🙂 My husband did my horses’ feet for years and any time I’d complain about how long it took to get to them, he’d tell me to learn to trim. Well, I finally did!

  3. Karen C. says:

    Hi! First of all, thank you for showing us the picture of that hoof. I know you were not proud of it before the needed trim, but it showed us that it happens….whether we like it or not. And you showed us that we need to get back on track. I learned to trim myself a few years ago when it was hard to get someone out here. I was lucky…at the time I had two Arabians with awesome feet so I trimmed based on their hooves and I tried hard to keep them the same way they were…just better. I have since read books and taken a couple of classes. I am still not great at it but I try. We are swimming in mud too….and I have let them go longer than I should. I am going to schedule an appointment with myself very very soon…I know I will show up. Ha!

    • Casie says:

      Hi Karen and thanks for your comment. 🙂 No, I wasn’t proud of how her feet looked in the least, but I figured this would be a good lesson for us all!

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