Barefoot Hoof Care

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  1. I call it the Brumby Roll here in Aus now?

  2. Arjan Meliesie says:

    Hi Casie,

    We are going to move to the north of Portugal (Braga region) soon with our two horses.
    Can you perhaps recommend a good/capable natural hoof trimmer there?

    Would appreciate!

    Kind regards,

    Arjan Meliesie (The Netherlands).

    • Casie says:

      Hi Arjan–Sorry to say that I can’t. Don’t know anyone there! Maybe someone else will comment with a good recommendation though.

  3. Dawn Glover says:

    Thrilled to discover your writing. I am a student in 5 Element Acupressure for the Horse. I enjoyed so much the article on TMJ in horses, thank you, looking so forward to reading many more. Thank you for further inspiring me to pursue this.
    Many thanks,
    Dawn Glover, Klosters, Switzerland

  4. Jeanne Pinto says:

    Hi! I have just one thing that sits in my craw, so to speak. I constantly see comments on how barefoot is the only way to go – however there are horses, due to breeding or whatever, that do have thin soles that will never thicken up – because that is how they were put together. I have tried going barefoot with my horse but he kept getting bruised and abscessed, and no Easy boot or Renegade would work for him. Finally after the nth xray my Vet said he has thin soles and there’s nothing really that can be done. It’s just in his breeding. So, don’t berate people who have their horse shod. Sometimes it IS necessary !

    • Casie says:

      Hi Jeanne, I appreciate you leaving your thoughts. I have never intentionally berated anyone for putting shoes on there horses–I just like to share what I’ve learned about barefoot for those interested. I hope you’ll read through some of my posts.

  5. Sandy McDonald says:

    I’m looking for a barefoot trimmer in N. Virginia.

    Any leads?

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