Vitamins and Minerals

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  1. Joan Schultz says:

    Have two 17yr. old easy keepers that have a diet of good quality hay and I supplement with Equishine. In the winter time, noticed they started eating their manure. Was told that they need more protein in their diet. A friend suggested Purina Enriched 32. Would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. Crude protein in their current hay is 12.5%.

    Looking to replace the Equishine in their diet.
    Joan Schultz

    • Casie says:

      Hi Joan,

      I’ve also experienced manure-eating with an older horse and I did a little research on it at that time. There are several reasons why older horses might do this–here is an article on the topic:

      In my horse’s case, I believe it had to do with the microbes in the gut. I gave her a probiotic and then put her on a daily prebiotic and she quit eating manure.

      Hope that helps!


    • Elaine says:

      With horses and dogs…when they eat poop it is most likely that they are trying to get the gut flora from the other animals because their own healthy gut flora is gone or unbalanced. A therapeutic pro biotic is needed.

  2. Joye says:

    What is your take on feeding horses diatomaceous earth?


    • Casie says:

      Hi Joye–I feed DE to my horses. It actually comes in the mineral mix I feed and so far, I’ve been very happy with the results. I know there’s not a lot of research backing DE, but I know quite a few people who’ve been pleased with the results. Joe Camp is one of them and he writes about it on his blog and website (

  3. Kerissa says:

    I’ve always had healthy horses who have had grazing ( at least an acre per horse) for grazing. In the past I fed straight alfalfa. Never had any founder issues and they always had good muscle tone and seemed healthy. When I have tried straight alfalfa with my new horses, they always seemed like they were starving and looked skinny. They would do better in summer months when they had grazing – beautiful coats, muscle tone etc. I have since moved and they have no grazing and not as much room to roam. Their muscle tone is shrinking and they eat their manure like in the previous posts. They are all younger horses – 3, 4, 5 – I know nothing of supplementation. They are on a good quality, straight grass hay. What are your recommendations for a good balanced diet?

  4. Debbie Manning says:

    Does anyone know where I can get suitable free choice minerals for horses in the UK, I’m particularly struggling to find copper and zinc that’s not in a flavoured salt lick

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