Organic Kelp Giveaway from The Holistic Horse


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. We are a 501c3 equine rescue with over 20 horses. All our horses get a kelp iodine supplement. I would love to try a product that might be more effective than what we are currently using.

  2. Kathy says:

    Cool! Thanks for sponsoring another giveaway! I’d love to feed ORGANIC kelp to my horses. Fingers crossed to win! =)

  3. Michelle says:

    Use to feed kelp powder…then switched to spirulina…would love to try this kelp…sounds amazing ✌❤️

  4. Jane Knaak says:

    I would love to win the Kelp for my 31 year old QH gelding. We’re still hitting the easy trails together & I would love to see the benefits of kelp for him!

  5. Mary says:

    I’d like to try the Icelandic Kelp to see if it will benefit and support my ‘senior’ mare who has Cushings…I’ve heard great things about Icelandic Kelp!

  6. Linda Witt says:

    I’ve been learning and experimenting with micro nutrients for my two horses. I would love to try your organic kelp and see how it helps my two.

  7. Brenda Moulder says:

    I would like to try it with my mare that has hormone issues and to see if it would help my little donkey. I also have 2 geldings that I’m sure would benefit.

  8. Jodi says:

    I would love to try the kelp for my horses! I am always looking for a better way to improve their nutritional intake without using commercial grains and synthetic vitamins/minerals.

  9. Cate Harris says:

    I would love to try it on my 2 older horse. One is 20+ and the other is 17. Both are needing extra nutrition and help, especially coming into winter.

  10. Susan D Deakin says:

    I would love to try out the Organic Icelandic Kelp for my elderly mare. She is 27 years old and in good health but I’ve noticed that she has slowed way down during her lessons. She has a light schedule of teaching beginner riders and I would love for her to get back some of her youthful vigor!

  11. Judith says:

    It sounds very interesting and I would love to try it!

  12. joseph citron says:

    Kelp is good for everyone!

  13. Jill says:

    My wonderful Morgan mare is on thyro-l and I think the kelp May help invigorate her metabolism.

  14. Jodi Kelley says:

    We would love to try Organic Icelandic Kelp for the horses at Rock Run Animal Rescue. We are a horse sanctuary that utilizes many holistic healing modalities, including nutrition of course. We care for horses with a myriad of health issues and would like to try kelp.

  15. Linda R Schaap says:

    I would really like to try this for my 29 year old Arab mare who has IR to see if it maintains a better thyroid balance for her

  16. Tristen D Drako says:

    I’d love to try this stuff with my 22 yr old AQHA mare! I fear my pastures lack vital nutrients, and have been feeding red cell to make up for it. I love red cell, however I love the fact that the kelp is 100% organic!

  17. Sue Hallstrom says:

    Hi, I have a 22 and a 4 year old. I think your kelp would benefit them both greatly.

  18. Shera Felde says:

    7 years ago I adopted a young filly from a rescue. She is a mustang, and I have since learned all about laminitis and insulin resistance. I have tried so many things and would love to find a natural boost for her body that can last for her life and keep her healthy. I take kelp for my thyroid, so I know the benefits. It is just hard to try so many things with her and not see much progress. Thank you!

  19. Diane says:

    Would love to try this on the older guys!

  20. Kim fish says:

    Never used kelp but have researched all the benefits. I’d like to try it in my current barefoot transition on my 3 ranch mares. I am 8 mos. into barefoot trimming on my mares and trimming myself. So far I have seen a change for the better in all 3 girls in going barefoot. My 22 y.o. mare is not sore anymore and acts like she did in her younger years. Have researched the kelp in conjunction with barefoot trimming and would like to apply it to my program and see the outcomes in better hair, hoof and all around condition in my mares.

  21. Jen Godward says:

    I actually was thinking of my sister’s old gelding who might really benefit from this.

  22. Ginger Gray says:

    I would like to give this product a try on my 2 older horses.

  23. Vanessa says:

    My older mare could greatly benefit from this, as would any horse.

  24. Stacy Cheetham says:

    A friend uses this supplement and swears by it. I’d love to try it for my own mare!

  25. Karen Scott says:

    Hello! First of all, thank you for the information that you share! I try to live my life more natural and healthy, so of course that includes our pets. We just purchased a 16-month old AQHA and I want to start him off the best that I can.

  26. Chelsea Cummings says:

    I would love to try this product to help balance out my horses’ diets. I feel they can use all the support I can give them!!

  27. Taica says:

    Hi, I’m a jockey. I’d like to try this pruduct for race horses.

  28. Carol Shaw says:

    After reading here the kelp benefits for horses…wow…amazing. I would love to ad it to my four horses’ feed.

  29. Regina Shell says:

    I would love to try this with my horses! Kelp is such a wonderful supplement. I know that my herd would love it.

  30. Gwyn Dykstra says:

    I would like to try it for my pony that has cushings.

  31. Pamela says:

    I have been wanting to see what additional benefits this product would bring to my mares diet!

  32. Michelle Rasmussen says:

    I do feed kelp right now to my 6 horses so would appreciate winning this! The kelp is great!

  33. Dave says:

    I would like to use this product, I do equine bodywork and farrier work I believe it will be very helpful to the horses. I can then tell clients about product. I always have a few rescue and rehap horses in the yard that would benefit from this product.

  34. Amy Barry says:

    Hi, this Kelp would be an amazing asset to our senior quarter horse mare and gelding. Thank you.

  35. Lisa Short says:

    interested in trying it for my paint, that has terrible hooves and is fat!! He is in a round pen during the day and out with a grazing muzzle at night… We’ve tried every other supplement and have considered this but not tried it yet.

  36. Cindi says:

    My gelding eats dirt. Clearly something is missing from his diet. Maybe kelp will help.

  37. Christine Feddersen says:

    I’d like to try the Icelandic Kelp to see if it will benefit and support my 23 year old mare who is my best driving horse and need to keep her healthly! I’ve heard great things about Icelandic Kelp!

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