Preventing Gastric Ulcers in Horses


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  1. Sandi McCarthy says:

    It seems in one article concerning feet you say to only feed grass hay, in this article you say to feed alfalfa along with grass. I am on the mind set of a little of both for the reason stated in this article concerning balance of nutrients. I also turn out to pasture, and feed three-four times daily.
    I do agree with to many people feed way to much sweet feed. I only use whole oats, and only to administer vitamins. I think it is a good thing you are trying to do with the information, it just seems that with all information, it depends on who you talk to and you get many different opinions. I have a friend who will “only feed grass hay cause alfalfa is to rich” Yet they give there horses all kinds of sweet feed along with the hay.

    • then5925 says:

      Hi Sandi,

      I’m just stating what some researchers have said about alfalfa–that feeding some will help with ulcers. I don’t think adding a little alfalfa to most horses diet will hurt. It’s diets composed of mostly alfalfa that are a problem. It throws the calcium to phosphorus ratio off (unless something like bran is fed with it). It’s also a risk for enteroliths. I feed my horses about a cup of soaked alfalfa pellets a day though for added protein and to mix their minerals in (this along with timothy pellets). I don’t think sweet feed is a good idea in any circumstance though!

    • then5925 says:

      Also wanted to add I think having access to low sugar/ starch forage (whether it be pasture or hay) all the time is probably most important in preventing ulcers. If the stomach never gets completely empty, ulcers most likely won’t have a chance to develop!

  2. michelle blake says:

    When my vet first suspected that my horse had gastrix ulcers he suggested UlcerGuard but that is very expensive. My trainer mentioned that Abler sells omeprazole for horses for 1/10 the price. Later my vet suggested trying Gastrix. It is a herbal mixture with aloe vera, slippery elm, licorice, honey etc etc . My horses responded really well, love the taste and I have not had issues with ulcers since. 🙂

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