Red Light Therapy for Horses


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. Robynne Catheron says:

    I’ve been interested in red light therapy ever since Karen Chaton reviewed one in her blog, but it’s a wee bit out of my budget. I’m definitely going to check out the one you use. Thanks, Casie!

  2. Jessica Lynn says:

    I have used my torch (red light) for over 10 years now, from upset tummys, tendon issues, laminitis and so much more, it is an excellent tool for the barn and I have used it on myself successfully too — would not be without it!

  3. Carrie Shaw says:

    I own and run Small Town Farm Rescue here in Illinois. I am 1 of only 19 state licensed rescue in Illinois. I am always getting in horses of all shapes and sizes, different diseases/sicknesses, ect…. We get them back to health were they need to be, put some training on them, and find the best adoptive parents we can find for them. I have vet, farrier, Dentist and Chiro on call 24/7. But I evaluate each and every horse that comes through first. I do massage therapy, aromatherapy, water therapy, I check and file sharp points down on teeth, do my own farrier work unless feet are severely bad, I vaccinate and keep them up on everything they need. We have now opened a Equine Therapy Center. We’re we are taking in any and all other equines that need us. We are only along for free will donation and we are treating these horses. Our goal is to help as many of our 4 legged friends as we can before their conditions get worse , we offer massage therapy, aromatherapies, Theraplate, kinseology taping, water therapy, ect… I am also giving a opportunity to anyone interested , If y’all would like to sponsor us or do multiple donations I will give you a spot on our trailers for advertisements. I travel all over to rescue horses. Please if interested Small Town Farm Carrie Shaw Po Box 815 (mailing) RR1 box 206 (physical) Oquawka, I’ll 61469 319-759-0227 We can use the help. And appreciate everyone who participates with us. Thank you and God Bless Small Town Farm Moto: ” I don’t help people with horse problem, I help horses with people problems!”

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