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  1. Kari Davis says:

    this site has helped a ton but theres one thing on here i dont see .. i have an older gelding. who in the last year has .. dribbling problems. the vet did a sheath cleaning and then proceeded to check his rear end for tumors or something pushing on his bladder.. nothing.. now a ton of well meaning folks have said to do many different things.. but only one have i tried .. switching my OTTB to straight bermuda.. no alfalfa.. not sure its working .. he of course dropped weight like mad but ive gotten him to start gaining again.. im not sure what is causing this.. his back legs are constantly coated with urine and if i skip a day washing him down he gets sores from it.. HELP

    • then5925 says:

      Hi Kari,

      First of all, are there any other symptoms with this horse? Can he urinate normally or does he only dribble? Bladder issues are more common among older horses, and it sounds like he might have a bladder stone (I’m not a vet, though!) I think getting away from alfalfa is a good idea–excess calcium can make bladder issues worse. So can excess phosphorus. Are you feeding him anything else besides the Bermuda? (One thing I worry about with straight Bermuda is colic, too. I prefer a Bermuda/grass hay mix. . .) Here’s a good article on urinary tract problems in horses, if you haven’t read it: http://www.thehorse.com/articles/20843/urinary-tract-problems

      If it isn’t a bladder stone, one option that I would try is acupuncture or acupressure. These are often successful at treating ‘mystery’ problems. Good luck and keep us updated.


  2. I recently purchased a 15 year old mare. She is all black. She has a ton of white speck dander and her hair is thinner in that area. Do you have any articles on Skin – Hair Problems? Should I use a special shampoo or conditioner? Could this be parasites?

    • then5925 says:

      Hi Rhonda–in my experience, I’ve found that many skin and hair conditions are related to diet. Is this just in one area or all over?

  3. Rhonda Edwards says:

    The dander and hair loss is mostly on the top of her rump and near the top of her flank. She is on pasture and also has Senior Horse feed. Thanks.

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