To Stall or Not to Stall in Cold Weather?


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2 Responses

  1. Shelley Senkbeil says:

    We don’t have stalls, just a 12 x 40ft run-in in which we’ve installed gates which fold against the walls and open to make stalls should we need them. Mostly we use them when our trimmer comes to do feet. Our horses have grazed down the paddock the run-in is in, and we have gates to the adjacent pastures we alternate access to so I don’t worry about sugars in the grass causing issues.

    It’s been 20 some years since I’ve stalled a horse except for making a foaling stall in our run-in at our last farm to allow my mare to keep her foal safe from the herd her first few days and at nights.

  2. Lynell Abbott says:

    For several years we had 2 stalls without doors that our 4 guys had access to, along with an adjoining sizable run-in. The stalls were small, but there were times when 3 out of the 4 would squeeze in together…I guess to share the window fan during the hot summers. Cleanup was not a problem as they mostly headed to the manure pile when necessary.
    Through attrition, we ended up with 2 newbies (still a total of 4) who didn’t feel the need to head to the manure pile. Cleanup was a nightmare! Now there are doors on the stalls. They still have access to the roomy run-in that adjoins the barn. We bought heavy-duty fans for the run-in. Everybody is happy!

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