Ultimate Jogging Shoe (for horses) Review


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Hello Casie,
    You mentioned that you haven’t used the Boots for therapeutic purposes. We used the Ultra Fusion Boot ( the therapeutic one) in the rehabilitation of an Arabian mare who had Laminitis in all four feet ( foundered in 3 feet) , she also had a small colt on her side. The Ultra Fusion Boots were a lifesaver, we couldn’t have accomplished the full recovery without them. We used them for eight months , she was turned out daily ( all day) , there were times when we added the pads as her soles were in a very sad state. We cleaned the hooves ( added essential oil recipe against infection ) before turning her out with the boots. In the evening we took of the boots, cleaned the feet and again massaged the oils in. After eight months , the boots are still in tact ( mare returned to running ), they never came off in pasture. Important is that the boots are the right size. My mare has 2 different sizes on her fronts, for example …. the Ultra Fusion Boot also comes in Wide or Narrow version. So sizing them is crucial especially if you plan a daily, long term use. Also , it is best to size them on a freshly trimmed foot, taking in account the growth. As with Laminitis, horses need to be trimmed fairly often ( we trimmed Apollonia every 2 weeks ) .
    Now I’m using the Ultra Fusion on a Quarter Gelding with Navicular , severely contracted heels , Ringbone and Arthritis in several other joints. With him , I use the pads more often than with the Laminitic mare. My conclusions – Ultra Fusion Boot is the best therapeutic option on the market a real lifesaver when dealing with certain conditions, especially in extreme sickness like Laminitis/ Founder / Navicular .

    Good Luck

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