Worms and Horses Part 3: Herbal Deworming & Environmental Control


Hi! My name is Casie Bazay. I'm a mom, a freelance writer, and a certified equine acupressure practitioner.

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  1. Clissa says:

    Worming has become a big issue at my place. Not only because of the possibility of NTW, but also because of the knowledge gained from getting a faecal egg count done.
    It was an eye opener to me because I was confident I had been doing it right.

    About the time I had the FEC I also got a soil test on the paddocks & got a nasty surprise there too.
    Because, as part of my worm reduction program I was removing the manure from the paddocks, I was also removing the fertility. That was clearly evident in the soil test. Actually I got the soil test because I noticed a dramatic decline on soil fertility & therefore grass density & quality.

    So I was advised to leave the manure to help build humus, biology, earthworms, dung beetle numbers, etc. Then the FEC came back & one horse was a host.

    So a double whammy. I did a triple worming to clear the horses of worms (which also helped for the NTW) & changed my paddock rotation by resting some paddocks long term. But worst of all I had to stop picking the manure except close to feed areas where horses rested & gates where I just hate seeing it build up. All that manure goes into the garden compost. When I worm I have a special little paddock they spend a few days in to deposit that manure & I can check for results.

    Just recently I did my normal end of winter worming & got a huge kill of small strongyles, so 16days later I did a follow-up worming to hopefully get the previously encysted & now freshly hatched worms. There were none to be seen in the manure but I’m hopeful they were there.

    So although the horses must be picking up more worms now that the manure is left in the paddocks, perhaps I am getting a better kill when I worm.
    I will have to resort to FEC’s I think, for best results.

  2. Clissa says:

    Here’s a thought!
    Perhaps I should use a herbal wormer as part of my worming cycle?
    What brand to use? That is the burning question.
    Just what is allowed in Australia or more to the point what has been tested here.

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